Tips on Medical School Entrance Tests

Having been through the various stages of a successful medical school application myself just 2 years ago, I can only empathise with this year’s prospective medical school students at how tough it can be to gain even a single offer. So here are some tips that helped me through the process.

Do the UK CAT early. Doing the UKCAT late is one of the most common errors a prospective medical student can make. Booking your UKCAT entrance test for the end of August gives you perfect time to prepare. Any later than this and you are falling into school time, which can lead to a huge amount of stress as year 13 kicks off quickly. It is also helpful to do this as having your UKCAT results early can give you more time to decide on where it would be best to apply with certain scores. There is no point setting your sights on KCL and then sitting your UKCAT to find that you have come below the cut off boundaries for every single year. Get it done early and give yourself time to workout where might be best to realistically apply with your score.

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