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Colcestrian Futures Privacy Policy

This policy explains how and why we collect personal information through our website, how we use it, how we keep it secure, and how individuals whose data we collect can ask us to amend or remove it.

This policy may be updated or amended to comply with changing circumstances or regulations. Please revisit it from time to time to ensure you are happy to consent to any changes.

By using our website, you are agreeing to be bound by this policy.

If you have any questions regarding our policy or our privacy practices, please contact us by emailing

Who we are

Colcestrian Futures is an organisation set up by the Old Colcestrian Society, the official alumni organisation of Colchester Royal Grammar School (CRGS). The purpose of Colcestrian Futures is to provide a networking environment through which past and present pupils of CRGS can exchange news, advice and information about ongoing education and career options and opportunities.

For further information about the activities of the Old Colcestrian Society and Colcestrian Futures, please email

How we collect information

I. Registration data
Registration information for Colcestrian Futures members is collected through an online application form for the purpose of establishing eligibility and to allow communication between the organization and the members. The information collected consists of the registrant’s name, email address, details of attendance at CRGS, and, where applicable, Old Colcestrian Society membership number.

Some information relating to attendance at CRGS may optionally be displayed on the Colcestrian Futures website, visible to other members. Members can choose whether or not to make this information visible at the time of registration, or subsequently by adjusting their profile settings.

II. Data shared on the Colcestrian Futures site
Users may share personal information on the Colcestrian Futures website by uploading personal details (e.g. career history) to their profiles, or through public posts or status updates. Such information is under the control of the individual member, and is subject to deletion by the member.

Use of your information

Information supplied during the registration process may be used to:

  • Send you updates from Colcestrian Futures about our network
  • Notify you of messages from other users
  • Seek your views of comments about our services
  • Inform you about changes to our services


Data collected during the registration process, and data on an individual’s use of the site – for example, signing up to a particular group or forum – may be used to direct appropriate communications from Colcestrian Futures to individuals or groups of users.

Who has access to your data

Data collected by us or posted by users will never be transferred to a third party for any purpose whatsoever.

Any personal information posted on the website by users will be visible only to other logged-in users. No access of any kind will be granted to third parties.

Accessing and amending your own information

Users’ registration information will be visible to the user on his or her profile page. Where it is in error, it will be amended by Colcestrian Futures within 7 days of receipt of the user’s request. Such data will not be visible to other users except as specified by the user at the time of registration or through the user’s profile settings.

Automated decision making

Eligibility for membership of Colcestrian Futures is based in part upon membership of the Old Colcestrian Society (OCS), and, where a registrant presents details of OCS membership, the decision to grant membership may be made automatically upon verification of those details.

In all other cases registrants’ data will be manually evaluated before membership is granted.

Under 16s

Where data is collected from people under the age of 16 for the purpose of registering for membership of Colcestrian Futures, such data will be held only on receipt of authorisation from a parent or guardian. In the absence of such authorisation the data will be destroyed within 28 days.

Where a member is under 16, requests for removal of personal data may be made by the member or a parent/guardian.

Removal of data

Registration data will be retained during the registrant’s membership of Colcestrian Futures, and destroyed within 14 days of membership being cancelled.

Any data submitted by persons who are subsequently judged to be ineligible for membership will be destroyed within 28 days of receipt.

In the event that personal data posted by a user and subsequently deleted is repeated by another user (for example in a quoted passage within another user’s post), Colcestrian Futures will undertake to delete this data within 7 days of the affected user’s request.

Information about an individual, whether or not a member of Colcestrian Futures, posted to the Colcestrian Futures website by a user will be removed within 7 days of a request being made by the affected individual.

Requests for the deletion of data posted by other users should be addressed to

Withdrawal by the user (or, where the user is a minor, by a parent/guardian) of permission to hold data will be equivalent to the termination of that user’s membership of Colcestrian Futures.

Security precautions to protect personal information

All user data is stored on a secure server and can be accessed only by the authorised administrators of the website. No sensitive information (such as credit or debit card details) is collected by the Colcestrian Futures site.

Non-sensitive information (such as email addresses etc.) received by us is protected to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted via the Internet, and such information is provided to us at your own risk. In order to access your account, you will be issued with or will choose a password, and you are responsible for keeping this secure. We ask that you do not share your password with anyone.


Like many other websites, the Colcestrian Futures site makes use of cookies. These are small pieces of data stored on your device that are used to facilitate access to the site and to enable certain features. They do not contain any personal information that could identify you. It is possible to switch off cookies using your browser preferences, though doing so may impair the functionality of our website.

Review of this policy

This policy will be reviewed regularly. It was last updated in September 2017.

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